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1.Sound professional translation team will screen and classify by rank of profession strictly.

2.In our professional translation team, every translator is experienced in translating for many years. On English, the most common language, our full-time translators not only are provided with TEM-8, but also are rich in one or more specialized knowledge, as well as occupy in relevant industries. Many translators have studied or worked in European, Australian, American and other countries, and have a good understanding of local circumstances.

3.Strict process on translation work assignment: the work is divided by senior translator and professor with years of experience and large translation program organization, then assign the task to person who target its speciality.

4.In the translating process, we will follow and supervise the translation work, in order to solve the key points and difficult points in time; for the large translation program, we will form a team to be under management of senior translator, professor or foreign professor, to bring the specialized vocabulary and translation manner into line. The computer processor will deal with the later job as composing, graphic processing, etc. It ensures the quality of translation and the fine composing. Finally a satisfied work will be presented to client.

5.After all work is completed, another translator will proofread and retouch it in case of mistakes such as leak, mistranslation, number, composing, to insure the high quality of translation work.


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