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Please read this note before entrust our company to translate. Once you entrust us to provide you translation service, we will regard that you have read it.

1. According to national standards, the price of translation work will be counted by Chinese characters. The method of character count is as follows: Microsoft Word-Menu-Tool-Character Count- Characters (excluding space); for total number less than 500 characters, it will be charged as 500 characters; for total number more than 500 but less than 1,000 characters, it will be charged as 1,000 characters.

2. The best way to ensure high-quality of translation work is to plan and arrange ASAP, to make an appointment with us and provide with CLEAR documents. Thus we have enough time to guarantee quality of translation work; if possible, you can offer relative references to us for translation.

3. We are only responsible for accuracy of translation, without liability for its resources, contents and purpose. However, we refuse the translation work if it damages national interests and ethnic interests, violates laws and regulations of PRC, or contravenes international conventions.

4. Except as otherwise noted, we do not require for all copyright about the translation, but we can reserve the right of signature of the translation. On the issue of the right of signature of the translation, both parties can settle it through friendly negotiation.

5. As a general rule, we keep confidential strictly on client’s translation. If the client has special confidential requirements, it shall inform us in advance so that the parties can sign confidentiality agreement and take confidential measures.

6. If client has any doubt on translation work, a written request shall be submitted within 7 days. Otherwise, it will be considered as a waiver of future claims

7. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the refund and claimed amount caused by mistranslation or leak translation is limited to translation payment.

8. Generally, we need to sign contract if the number of translation work is more than 10,000 characters. The contract relates to the whole process of translating, proofreading and composing, please read it carefully. You can ask for amendment of the contract according to actual needs, and we can sign it when both parties agree the contract terms.

9. Any requirements on character font, format, system and print of translation work, please list them out before our translating work begins. Otherwise, we will process according to original format and language and habits. The filler shall be responsible for all results caused by refusing to fill, leak in filling or ambiguous filling.


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