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Abstract of classified permanent customers of our company

◆ Government and government-sponsored institution
Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, Wenzhou Municipal CPPCC, People’s Government of Cangnan County, People’s Government of Lucheng District, World Wenzhou Natives Congress, People’s Government of Ouhai District, People’s Government of Longwan District, Wenzhou Airport, Foreign Affair Office of People's Government of Yongjia County, Foreign Affair Office of Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, Wenzhou Daily Press Group, Wenzhou Airlines, People’s Government of Pingyang County, Wenzhou Economic Construction Planning Institute, People’s Government of Taishun County, Investment Promotion Bureau of Wenzhou Economic & Technical Development Zone, People’s Government of Wencheng County, National Textiles Test Center

◆ Hotels
Wenzhou Jiangxin Riverview Hotel, Jiangjun Hotel, Yindu Hotel, Lishui International Hotel, Holiday International Hotel, Wenzhou Sheraton Hotel, Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel, Wenzhou Shangri-La Hotel, Awailou Hotel, Wenzhou Howard Johnson Onehome Hotel

◆ Machinery
Wenzhou Donglong Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dingya Machine Co., Ltd. (former Wenzhou Cangqiao Light Industry Device Making Co., Ltd.), Zhejiang Qingfeng Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yinyi Papermaking Screening Equipment Co., Ltd., Dashun Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Fangzheng Valve Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Tianyi Steel-Plastics Machinery Factory, Wenzhou Darong Textile Instrument Co., Ltd., Benxi Xinyuan Scrap Metal Import & Export Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Konnex Automotive Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Tianfu Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Judger Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yiyuan Electric Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Mittelmann Overseas Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Ouhai Nanbao Carton Machinery Company, Zhejiang Leemin Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tengen Electric Stock Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xingyu Network Engineering Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Guansheng Automobile Parts Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Tao’s Electric Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Boiler Work Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dongfeng Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., Yueqing Vorax Electric Co., Ltd., Ruian Guangda Scale Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Kenue Automatic Equipment co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongfang Julong Automobile Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Huake Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Senhai Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Flyco Electrical Appliance co., Ltd.

◆ Shoes & Garments
Wenzhou Big Street Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Basigele Garments Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Jielida Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Huawei Foreign Economic & Trade Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Qiaoniya Garments Co., Ltd., Yiwanda Shoes Co., Ltd., Ruian Mengdini Shoes Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Jierda Shoes Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Honghuanglan Children’s Garments Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Yijia Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xiemeng Garments Co., Ltd., Auchan Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Pujiang Vick Garments Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xuri Shoes Co., Ltd., Jump & Fish Scarpe S.r.l, Wenzhou, Wenzhou Sinshcome Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dongyi Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Kikiwon Children Costume Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Spider King Shoes Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Footwear Co., Ltd., Kangnai Group, Zhejiang SEMIR Garment Co., Ltd., Aokang Group, Zhejiang Koborn Garment Group Co., Ltd., WE Brand, Wenzhou Dinaer Fashion Co., Ltd.

◆ Group
Conch Group, Changcheng Electrical Equipment Group, Center Group, Huayi Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd., Delixi Group Import &Export Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dongou Construction Group Co., Ltd., Judger Group, Ruixin Group Co., Ltd., Fapai Group, Wenzhou Tingyu Group Co., Ltd., Chint Group, Xinsilu Group Co., Ltd., Flyco Group, China Shifubo Investment Group Co., Ltd., China Lifeng Group Co., Ltd., GSP Company, Wenzhou Hightech Meter Group Co., Ltd., Media Electrical Appliance, Wenzhou Success Group Co., Ltd., China Sibeisi Group (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., Xindingxiang Holding Group, Rosy Day Limited, Senken Group Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Furniture Group Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Port Group, Ningbo Sunshine Logistics Co., Ltd., Guangshou Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Zhongyi Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Tingyu Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Southeast Group Co., Ltd.

◆ Valve & Pump
Shangyu Valve, KCM Valve Co., Ltd., Petrostar Valve, TechMag Technology Co., Ltd., Shuangda Valve Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Fangzheng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Fangzheng Valve, Wenzhou Pioneer Valve Co., Ltd., Yongyi Valve, Zhejiang Pariworld Automation Meter Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Valve, Shanghai Keywins Valve Co., Ltd., Zhengguang Valve, Yongjia Baiyun Water Pump Factory, Beiyang Valve, Hualiang Pump Industry Co., Ltd., Tiante Valve Co., Ltd., Boteli Valve Group Co., Ltd.

◆ Furniture
Wenzhou Fudebao Furniture, Zhejiang Deeho Furniture Co., Ltd., Suntend Furniture, Wenzhou Huaqi Furniture Co., Ltd., Dejia Mingshi Kitchen Industry Co., Ltd.

◆ Law & Agent
Zhejiang J.R.C Law Firm, Zhejiang Oujiang Law Firm, Zhejiang Zhenan Law Firm, Zhejiang Oumeng Law Firm, Zhejiang Gaopin Law Firm, Zhejiang Guangzhengda Law Firm, Zhejiang Renmin Union Law Studio, Zhejiang Pingyu Law Firm, Oujiang Public Certified Accountants, Zhejiang Highchance Law Firm, Wenzhou Jindian Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.

◆ Tourism
Wenzhou Int’l Tour Travel Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Yaoxi Scenery Tourism Management Service, Wenzhou Chinese Tour Travel Co., Ltd.

◆ Pen & Pencil
Wenzhou Tianjiao Pen Industrial Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Wentai Pen Industries Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Aihao Pen Trade Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Mike English School, JK Plastic And Cosmetic Center

◆ School & Hospital
Wenzhou University, The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College, Wenzhou Foreign Language School, Washi Primary School,

◆ Liquor & Olive oil
Zhejiang Latour Trading Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Kaihua Wine Co., Ltd., Ruian Toscana Wine Co., Ltd., Shunmeile Jinzhuang Wine Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Brown Trading Co., Ltd.

◆ Manufacturing
Gigabite Razors, Wenzhou Xuerui Industrial Co., Ltd., LEM.LI Co., Ltd., Team Techno. Kish Company, Iran Company, Wenzhou Renhua Leather Co., Ltd., Baoligong Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Shuoyang Trade Co., Ltd., Shinchi Technology Development Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Kind Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Waych Import & Export Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tianhan Trade Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Jingcheng Leather Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xinhe Import & Export Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Guanhao Galsses Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xianlong Trade Co., Ltd., Yichang Iberia Trade Co., Ltd., Heimaoshen Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Light Industrial Products Arts & Crafts Import & Export Co., Ltd., Fujian Footwear & Headgear Import & Export (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Zhengda Smoking Set Manufacture Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Oubo Trade Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kangle Group Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Huasite Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., Briladn Rubber Tire Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Conch Seasoning Co., Ltd.

◆ Petrochemical 
Yueqing Jinyu Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Markos Stone Material Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Zhongnan Stone Material Co., Ltd.

◆ House Property
Zhixin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Wuhuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

◆ Science And Technology & Biological Energy
Wenzhou Createmay Biotechnology co. Ltd., Zhejiang Huizhi Technology Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Hindar Optical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huibao New Energy Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Debang Tefu Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xingtai Optical Spectacles Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Microthin Stone Co., Ltd., Eastsun Chemical Co., Ltd., PetroChina Zhejiang Huadian Resource Co., Ltd.

◆ Finance
Chen’s Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Development Bank, Brescia Bank, Bank of Communications (BC), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China Construction Bank (CCB), Bank of China (BOC), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), Guangdong Development Bank (GDB), Bank of Wenzhou (BOW)


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