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Company Profile

Wenzhou Chunxia Translation Agency was set up in July 1991 and formally changed its name into Wenzhou Chunxia Translation Co., Ltd. in February 2002. This is a professional translation service agency registered in Wenzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce, Lucheng Branch. Through continuous development over a decade, CHUNXIA has become a professional and prestigious translation company in the region of Zhejiang Province with its leading translation level.
The parent company has set up three branches including Lucheng Branch, Ouhai Branch and Ouhaiqufu Branch. There are over ten full-time translators and interpreters and nearly a thousand of part-time translators and interpreters. They have abundant experience and expertise, and cover professors, experts from famous colleges and universities, institutes, publishing and translation corporations as well as returned oversea Chinese with great achievements.
The company has a complete range of language services, including over ten kinds of common used languages like English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic and over thirty kinds of less-popular languages used in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and so forth.
We adhere to the translation principle of “faithfulness, fluency and elegance”, abide by the service tenet of “take exactness as root and quickness as foundation”. Through several years’ relentless efforts and accumulation of practical experience, CHUNXIA has rendered quality translation service for large and middle scale enterprises, government departments and other customers, received appraisal and support from all walks of life, deeply favored by domestic and foreign clients and rewarded high degree of recognition.
Our translation service covers: commerce, finance, insurance, real estate, tourism, law, advertisement, computer, network, information, communication, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemical engineering, biology, medicine, medical apparatus, automobile, environment protection, aviation, nuclear industry, architecture, mining, food stuff, textile, energy, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, literature, etc., especially adept at scientific documents, product descriptions, computer, network and biological medicine.
Main business scope: foreign languages translation, escort interpretation, application agent of visa, notarization, and authentication, writing various documents, typing and reproducing.

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客户须知 为了向您提供更优质的翻译服务,并为您节省时间和精力,减少返工现象,我们希望客户能倾力支持我们的翻译工作。为此,我们提出以下请求: ① 本公司只对翻译的准确性负责,对于译稿的用途 ...
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