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Wenzhou Chunxia Translation Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaging in translation service, recognized by government. We abide by the service tenet of “take exactness as root and quickness as foundation” and spare no efforts to render quality service for both domestic and foreign clients. With the expansion of company business, especially the multiplication of less-popular language business, we hereby recruit full-time and part-time personnel, priority given to those with corresponding translation or interpretation qualification certificates. CHUNXIA welcomes talents to join in.

Welcome translators or interpreters with desire to join us and mail your resume, copy of valid documents (i.e. educational qualifications, ID card, certificate of foreign language competence, etc.) to us at e-mail: 1836590168@qq.com. Please specify in the resume your current residing city, main translation/interpretation experience, expected remuneration, spare time available for translation/interpretation, effective contact information (phone, mobile, e-mail, QQ number), etc.


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